The 4 S's Blue Moms Need


Blue Momma, you are such a gift to your family! You are by nature introverted and a deliberate thinker, you are sensitive and attuned to the emotional environment of your home and your children. You enjoy researching options (for summer camp, for cribs, for family vacation, for anything!) and love to make plans for your family. You love to set goals and maintain high standards. You process emotions before expressing them which means it’s rare that you lose your temper – what a strength in raising children!! As a blue mom, you need to learn where your strengths lie and try to live and parent out of those strengths. 

But it’s also necessary to know your weakness. Your key word is Perfection. “Good enough” is not good enough for you. There is a reason you want things a certain way. When your children say hurtful things, you have a hard time blowing it off, instead you think and dwell on it. That’s your sensitive nature at work.

God has crafted you with this nature and because of that you need the 4 S’s:





Because silence and space don’t always go hand in hand with being a mother, you will need to create a plan to get what you need in order to be the best you! Spend just five minutes today thinking about each of these S’s and considering if you are getting enough of each. If not, how could you be more intentional about caring for these needs within yourself?