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WT 174: Your Child's First Device with Arlene Pellicane

Arlene Pellicane joins us again today to talk about a relatively recent parenting milestone: giving our kids their first phone. From pitfalls we want to avoid, to steps we can proactively take to ensure our child's health and safety, we are talking about it all. This is a conversation that is relevant whether you have a 5 year old or 15 year old, so grab a cup of coffee or pop in those earbuds and join us. As always, we hope you are encouraged and equipped!

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WT 159: Processing Grief in Motherhood with Judy Wolfe

On today's episode Karen speaks with reverend Judy Wolfe on how we can navigate the complex emotion of grief and how we can help our children process grief when it touches their lives as well. If you've ever wondered how you're supposed to keep driving carpool and checking homework while walking in the valley of grief, we hope you'll tune in today and be encouraged. You are not alone, momma. 

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