WT 106: Raising A Child With Special Needs with guest Kimber Burgess

Welcome to a special edition of WireTalk. Today we are speaking with Kimber Burgess, a friend of the show and incredible mom who has a child with special needs. We know many of you also have a child with special needs and we hope this conversation encourages you. But even if you don’t personally have a child with special needs, this episode is packed with incredible wisdom for you and ways you can encourage the families of children with special needs in your community.  If a mom of a child with special needs comes to mind, share this episode with her so she can be encouraged today! 


Questions we asked Kimber:

  • Can you talk about the first indication you had that your child was not like other children? And what term do you use (and do you prefer friends and others use) when referring to your child’s special needs?

  • What emotions did you experience when you received an official diagnosis?

  • What do you want other moms to know about your child and how can they prepare and talk with their children who are friends with/in a class with/ at church about your child?

  • How has God used your child to grow your faith and increase your faithfulness to Him?


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