WT 140: The Emotional World of Kids with special guest David Thomas

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Are My Kids on Track? book

Are My Kids on Track? podcast 

David Thomas, one of our most popular break-out speakers at this year's Soar conference, joins Sunny today to address the questions so many of us have when it comes to our kids' emotional needs. We cover when to lean in and when to back off, how to discern what is hormones and what is normal behavior and David gives loads of practical tips to help you navigate the outbursts. Whether you're dealing with anger, sadness, anxiety or frustration, we think you'll hear something in this episode that equips you to respond with grace. 

Question 1:  There is such a long list of to-dos when raising kids - it’s overwhelming! From caring for them physically, to making sure they stay on top of their school work, to monitoring media use and then thinking about their spiritual/emotional health … how do I prioritize and make sure I’m focusing on the most important aspects of their development?

Question 2: What tools can I use to help my son put words to his feelings? He is introverted and has a really hard time expressing anything when he is upset other than anger (which really sets me off!!)

Question 3: I have 3 sons and a daughter - does gender contribute to the emotional needs of my kids or is it really more personality dependent?

Question 4: How can you tell the difference between an emotional outburst that is driven by hormones (hello PMS in my teenage daughter!)  or something specific that happened at school vs something deeper? In other words, how do I figure out where my daughter’s emotion is coming from?

Question 5: How do I discern when to lean in and really talk with my kids about something that is going on with them and walk them through those emotions vs when to back off so I’m not an overbearing mother?

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