WT 147: The Truth About Postpartum Depression with Dr. Michele Harding


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Dr. Michele Harding’s Atlanta area practice

Karen’s 2019 Speaking Engagements

Dr. Michelle Harding joins Sunny and Karen in the studio today to share her professional wisdom and personal experience with postpartum depression. We answer your questions about how to recognize PPD, the steps you can take for future pregnancies when you've dealt with PPD previously, and how we can be good friends to moms around us walking through a season of postpartum depression. As always, we hope you are encouraged by this conversation! 

Question 1: What are the symptoms/identifiers of PPD? How do I know what is normal hormonal post-pregnancy crazy and what is more serious?

Question 2: What is it like going through PPD? What do you wish your friends and family had known or that your doctor had told you?

Question 3: I’ve experienced postpartum depression with my first three children and I’m currently pregnant with my 4th. Is there anything I can do now to help prepare for that time after the baby is born? I really want to be equipped this time around.

Question 4: How can I help a friend who is experiencing postpartum depression?

Moms, we know your time is precious. Thank you for spending it with us. We hope you feel encouraged, equipped, and most importantly—the peace of God. You can receive encouragement each week by tuning in to Wire Talk; so subscribe today and be sure you never miss an episode.