WT 159: Processing Grief in Motherhood with Judy Wolfe


Grief doesn't make exceptions or take a time out because we're moms. Whether you're dealing with the loss of a parent or pregnancy, an unexpected diagnosis, or the death of a dream, grief touches us all along our journey of motherhood. On today's episode Karen speaks with the Reverend Judy Wolfe on how we can navigate the complex emotion of grief and how we can help our children process grief when it touches their lives as well. 

If you've ever wondered how you're supposed to keep driving carpool and checking homework while walking in the valley of grief, we hope you'll tune in today and be encouraged. You are not alone, momma. 

Links/Resources from this episode:

Rev. Judy Wolfe’s Grief Support Group

Death in the Classroom: Writing About Love & Loss

Karen’s upcoming Houston event May 16

Invite Karen to speak at your church HERE

Questions Judy addressed regarding grief in motherhood:

Question 1: How can I talk to my child about  losing a loved one such as a grandparent or a person they are close with? What kind of things are normal in a grieving child? (anger outburst, problems at school, etc.)

Question 2: Do you have a child-appropriate answer for why does God let babies die? How do you talk to your kids about death and heaven in age appropriate ways when it comes to babies?

Question 3:  Could you share perspective about what kind of anguish grieving mothers (who have lost a child to miscarriage/stillbirth or tragic childhood death) go through?

Question 4: How can I be a good friend to a friend who’s lost a baby? And how can I be sensitive in the loss of a friend’s baby/pregnancy when you are pregnant and/or your children are all alive and well??

Question 5: Could you address grief associated with your child receiving a developmental diagnosis and the ongoing grief as they fail to meet milestones? I have met a lot of SN parents who deal with this, and I know I've experienced it to some degree as well.

Show Credits:

Hosted by Karen Stubbs and Sunny Williams, produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings


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