WT 163: Disordered Eating & Body Image with special guest therapist Angela Schaffner


Last week we talked about exercise and what getting healthy looks like in the middle of the demands of motherhood. This week we brought in an expert to address your questions about what happens when disordered thinking about food, exercise and our bodies begins to take control of our thought life.

Today Angela Schaffner joins Karen and Sunny in the studio to answer your questions about struggling with eating disorders, uncovering the reasons behind our damaging behaviors, and setting an example for our children.

Links/Resources from this episode:

Angela’s practice

Walden Behavioral Care - Center for Eating Disorders

Nutritionist - Page Love, Nutri Fit Sport Therapy

Questions Addressed on today’s episode:

Question 1:   As a teenager I struggled through a season of bulimia and if I’m honest, I’m still working to manage my food/body image issues. What things can I do to break the cycle and pass on to my two daughters a relationship with food that isn’t messed up?

Question 2: I’d love tips on modeling a positive image of self to my daughters while also realizing where I’m at and knowing it is not ideal and almost like I don’t know who this person is with this body. With three young girls (ages 5, 3, 1), I want them to love themselves inside and out and be confident in themselves but I want them to see that from me as well.

Question 3: My teenage daughter is showing signs of dieting/working out to excess - how do I approach this with her in a gentle and non-threatening way?

Question 4: I would love any insight on supporting a loved one or spouse with an eating disorder and body image issues.

Question 5: I have struggled with body image disorder/ eating disorder for over twenty years,  It's like a daily punch in the face living with this. I pray, repeat phrases of self worth, and try to be often about my struggles... but it just doesn't seem to go away. Is there an end to this cycle? What am I missing? Thank you for talking about this!

Show Credits:

Hosted by Karen Stubbs and Sunny Williams, written & produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings


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