WT 165: Authentic Intimacy with Dr. Juli Slattery

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Dr. Juli Slattery joins Karen and Sunny today to answer your questions about sexual intimacy within marriage. Juli gives her thoughts on what to do when you’re the one with the higher sex drive, how to keep your sex life alive when you’re exhausted at the end of every day, and how we can integrate our spirituality with our sexuality. (Psst, pop in your earbuds for this one!)

Question 1: I have a 4 year old and 10 month old and work a full time job as a special education teacher. I still nurse/pump and I feel like I am (literally) giving every ounce of myself to my family and also to my sweet babies at school. By the end of the day I’m just done and have zero to no sex drive. I know this is just a busy and hard season but it also causes my husband and I to often be out of sync... Any tips on how to reconnect with each other or how I can find that passion again?

Question 2:  Help me! My husband and I are on a “routine” when it comes to sex and almost any intimacy. During the week we are busy running around with kids and just dealing with life stuff and too exhausted. Come Saturday night we just have sex like its routine and then the cycle happens all over again. Our kids are 6 3 and 1. Help us out.

Question 3: I grew up in a Christian home & went to church and youth group however I unfortunately didn’t take what I learned about saving myself for marriage or sexual purity as serious as I wish I did now. I did not save myself for marriage & had sexual experiences in college that I am not proud to admit. How do you heal from past sexual baggage in an effort to have a sex life with my husband that glorifies God and marriage? We’ve been married for 7 years and our sex life has not been as great as I think we’d both like it to be and I feel part of it is my distorted view of sex (that it is mostly for the man’s pleasure). Are there any books on this topic that you would recommend as well?

Question 4: Any advice for the handful of us ladies with the higher drive? My husband's love language is NOT touch. Rubbing his leg is actually annoying to him. I'd love to figure out a way to make him more interested. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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Hosted by Karen Stubbs and Sunny Williams, written & produced by Katie Leipprandt, edited by Kyle Cummings


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