WT 172: Real Talk with Karen's Kids


On today's episode Karen's children join her in the studio to answer questions you guys have asked about the Stubbs family. Hear their thoughts on growing up in a big family, what traditions they want to carry into their own families one day, and for sure don't miss them answering the question, "How did Karen mess up as a mom?"

The questions they answered in this episode are:

  1. What are some of your favorite family traditions?

  2. Did you feel like you got enough attention from me and your dad growing up?

  3. Do y'all mind me sharing your stories with all the moms at BOAW?

  4. Did I ever mess up as a mom? When and how?!

  5. What are some things I did right as a mom?

  6. Did we ever have any big fights you can remember? What were they about?

  7. Did you ever resent me working when you were younger?

  8. What's something from our family you think you'll carry into your own families one day?

  9. What did you think when I started Birds on a Wire?

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