WT 91: Happy Holidays from Birds on a Wire Pt. 2

This week's episode encourages moms to take the week between Christmas and the New Year to rest, reset and refuel for 2018.

Question 1: Karen, what tips do you have for recovering from a busy season? How do you like to treat yourself to some rest and relaxation?

Karen's Answer: Great question! I rest differently at different times. After the holidays when things have been crazy and go, go, go, I like to just chill. Get on my comfy clothes, no bra and watch Netflix or movies all day! Other times I like not to have a plan, just be. I like a bubble bath and I definitely don’t want to cook or clean. Music and a fire are also super relaxing to me. Figure out how you like to relax and then do it. :)


Question 2: How do I prepare to give my spiritual life a reboot in the New Year?

Karen's Answer: Think about a devotional book for 2018 and get it and commit to read that everyday. I’ve done the same one (My Utmost for His Highest) for years, I just keep reading it over and over. I like to read through the Bible, I commit to that and I journal. If you're looking for a new devotional check out my book Moments with God for Moms or my new Gratitude Journal. Create a new habit! Write out your goals, put them somewhere you can see them to remind you!


Question 3: Karen, what’s the best way to “practice gratitude” and what have you found works for you?

Karen's Answer:  It’s a choice, plain and simple, even when things are bad, we can be grateful that God is bigger than us and bigger than the pain. Choose joy today, I had to do this all the time in Virginia.


Question 4: How do I overcome guilt of having “me time” when I don’t have anything prepared to keep my kids occupied?

Karen's Answer: Be pro-active and get prepared before hand. Also, depending on the age of your children let them figure it out. When my kids were young I had to start saying, "Mom needs a time out! Go away!" The more you say it, the easier it gets. Ask yourself, "Am I committing a sin?" If not - don't feel guilty!

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