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WT 127: How Do I Overcome Mommy Guilt? [RE-AIR]

Moms, the feelings of guilt are REAL. We feel guilty being late to get our kids at daycare and guilty for not staying late at the office. Guilty for taking them to Chick-fil-A for dinner and guilty that we DIDN'T take them to Chick-fil-A for dinner! That's why we love what Karen has to say about guilt and how we can shake free of what can feel like a constant burden to us as mothers. We hope this episode gives you a practical way to overcome your mommy guilt and leaves you encouraged!

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WT 106: Raising A Child With Special Needs with guest Kimber Burgess

Today we are speaking with Kimber Burgess, a friend of the show and incredible mom who has a child with special needs. We know many of you also have a child with special needs and we hope this conversation encourages you. But even if you don’t personally have a child with special needs, this episode is packed with incredible wisdom for you and ways you can encourage the families of children with special needs in your community.  If a mom of a child with special needs comes to mind, share this episode with her so she can be encouraged today! 

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