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WT 116: Technology & Your Kids with special guest Tom Shefchunas

Today’s episode is really important moms and because we wanted to get it right, we called in an expert. Today Tom Shefchunas joins us in the Nest to talk about technology and our kids. We were incredibly grateful he could share his expertise with us and we look forward to hearing more from him as a break-out speaker at this year’s Soar conference!

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WT 111: Raising Older Girls

Today we're wrapping up a 4 part mini-series focused on raising boys and girls. In this last episode of the series we are taking questions from moms about their pre-teen and teenage daughters - we even have a question coming from a grandmother on the show today which we love! Tune in if you're wondering how on earth to have "the talk" with your girls, if social media concerns you or if gossip has taken a hold of your daughter's heart.  Like what you heard? Subscribe today and leave us a review in iTunes!

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WT 084: Are My Kids Supposed to Turn Out Like Me?

When your child is young and still finding their likes and dislikes, it’s easy to assume they will have interests that mirror your own. As they grow and mature you quickly realize they’ve fallen in love with interests all their own, and you’re left wondering where you fit in with them. Listen to Karen discuss what it’s like when your kids do or don’t think and act like you.

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WT 076: How Do I Help My Child Deal With Peer Pressure?

There's a shift that all moms experience at some point... it's when we start to realize that our kids care more about what their friends think than what we think. This is normal for every child, but it doesn't mean that we have to just accept it. Even if our influence is weaning, it's our job as moms to help our child learn to make the right decisions, navigate peer pressure and stand up for themselves and others. Karen talks about all this and more on today's episode of Wire Talk.

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