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WT 126: Can You Help Me Get Some Sleep?

Moms, the feelings of guilt are REAL. We feel guilty being late to get our kids at daycare and guilty for not staying late at the office. Guilty for taking them to Chick-fil-A for dinner and guilty that we DIDN'T take them to Chick-fil-A for dinner! That's why we love what Karen has to say about guilt and how we can shake free of what can feel like a constant burden to us as mothers. We hope this episode gives you a practical way to overcome your mommy guilt and leaves you encouraged!

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WT 125: How Do I Handle My Sweet Little Liar?

Lying is one thing we never teach our kids how to do and yet somehow they figure it out all on their own. On today's episode Karen shares her thoughts on how to discipline when you're not sure which child is lying, what the difference is between tattling and confessing and how to encourage honesty between teenagers.  Like what you heard? Visit for more encouragement in your daily walk of motherhood.

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WT 108: Raising Little Boys

We are excited to bring you the first episode in our mini-series all about Raising Boys & Girls today. In this episode we are fielding questions from boy moms - specifically moms with little boys. Body odor and hormones here we come! What a privilege and what a challenge to be a boy mom huh? If you love Wire Talk, visit for more encouragement for your journey of motherhood and subscribe in iTunes so you never miss an episode! 

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