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WT 124: Managing the Homefront

Whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, studies show that women tend to bear the brunt of the work in and around the home. On today's episode Karen and Sunny answer questions from moms about household chores, fighting with our kids over mealtime and how to ask for help from our partners. Stay tuned until the end to hear Karen's #1 hack for keeping your house tidy! 

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WT 082: I Didn't Know I Had To Prepare For That: Anticipating The Unexpected

As moms, we’re constantly thinking about what’s next. We meal prep, we pack diaper bags, we schedule appointments, we run errands; but, every now and then we run into situations in which we don’t know how to prepare. Coming across the unexpected can really throw a wrench into an otherwise planned and routine day, week, month, or year! In this episode, listen to Karen weigh in on multiple scenarios of unexpected situations submitted by moms, like you.

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WT 079: How Do I Manage a Growing Family?

Our families are always growing, whether it's adding new babies to the house or just our current littles growing up and discovering their unique personalities. So, as a mom, how do you feel like you've got it under control if it's always changing? Karen covers new babies, your child's growing social calendar, staying organized and carving out one-on-one time with each kid. Moms, you've got this!

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