Bringing Your Magic to the Monotony


If you have a yellow friend in your life, they’re the one you call when you need a pick me up. If you are a yellow, you’re always in search of a friend to call because you LOVE people. Yellows are inherently optimistic, and passionate about life. They are “people” people. They love everyone and everyone loves them. 

But every personality type has strengths and weaknesses. For yellows, their love of excitement and new things means they can be extremely impulsive and don’t always think things through. Details are boring, discipline isn’t exciting, and their feelings can tend to trump logic.  The mundane world of a mom is just plain boring to yellow moms on some days.

My advice to you, momma, is to spice up your everyday with fun! Fun is what you do best! I used to stop on the way home from school with Abby to buy Cokes and we would have burping contests. Go get ice cream for dinner this summer, pile everyone in the car and go on an adventure just because! Sprinkling joy into a boring, monotonous life is a gift you can give your family and your friends. Use that gift every day and spread that joy!