Handling Awkward Requests From Your Kids


Don’t you hate it when your child asks you if a friend can come over to play while the friend is standing right there? Or how about when they ask if they can sleep over at their grandparent’s house while standing in front of their grandparents? It puts us moms in a very awkward position. I know my kids did this growing up and it drove me nuts.

Here’s how I nipped these awkward requests in the bud! I made a rule that if my children asked something of me in front of others, it was an automatic no. Saying no every single time was the only way I found to break my children of this terrible habit. Saying no also turns the table around on your kids. They don’t want to be embarrassed by their mom saying no in front of their friends. I used to say, “That would have been a nice idea, but you know our rule not to ask in public. And because you did, I’m sorry, but the answer is no.”

It worked, but like all discipline, you must be consistent. Training our kids takes time and consistency, there are no overnight fixes!