WT 142: Delighting in the Holidays

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Year End Giving To Birds on a Wire

Moments with God for Moms

It’s our last episode of 2018! And this year we are doing something that we have never done before. We are taking a week off! Two weeks actually. Since next Tuesday is Christmas Day and the following Tuesday is New Year’s Day - we wanted to take the advice we are always giving moms and take a break from our usual routine and spend those days resting and enjoying our families. Enjoy this episode and we'll see you back here in 2019!

Question 1: What were your special Stubbs Christmas traditions as your kids were growing up?

Karen's Answer: We had our fair share of traditions, but they sort of just happened over the years! Of course, we had the ones everyone has like decorating the tree and house together, usually the weekend after Thanksgiving. We also would watch Christmas shows or
movies together, we would drive around and look at the Christmas lights as a family, trips to see Santa, etc. But the ones that just evolved over the years were:

- Homemade biscuits and country ham on Christmas morning
- Opening up a Christmas gift on Christmas Eve
- Christmas service at the church
- A new tradition we are hopefully starting this year, renting a house in the mountains for a few nights and getting away to spend time with family

Don’t stress! I promise, traditions will happen.

Question 2: How did your holiday traditions change as your kids got older and outgrew things like making crafts, visiting Santa, etc. My kids don’t believe in Santa anymore and I find myself mourning those sweet younger years lately!

Karen's Answer:  It does change, I always tried to go with it and not fight it. What that looked like in our family was letting the teens sleep in, stay up late watching movies as a family, still going to look at lights, shopping with the girls, and Taylor and Greg meeting us for lunch. Movies at the theater, sometimes we volunteered as a family with service projects. I understand about the younger years being sweet, but the older years can be just as sweet AND a lot less work on you as a mom! Embrace the season you are in! 

Question 3: The week between Christmas and New Year’s always feels like a let down to me. I LOVE the holidays - so it’s like all the fun is over for an entire year! Do you do anything special that week to help you get over the post-holiday slump?

Karen's Answer: Greg takes down Christmas decorations the day after Christmas, so we get a lot done around the house, which I love. Shopping, Great sales, and it’s fun to go with the girls. We go to a lot of movies at the theater which is always fun. Try doing a project during that week and maybe it will be more productive in your mind.

Question 4: Do you have any New Year’s or January rituals? Anything you recommend to us moms to start the New Year off well?

Karen's Answer:  New Year Eve party with friends that includes ALL children! We’ve been doing this party since the children were young, and it’s so much fun. The thought behind the party was we wanted to DO something for New Year’s but wanted to include the children. Been a tradition ever since. My family of origin always eats a New Year’s Day lunch which consists of black eyed peas for luck, mustard greens or collard greens for money for the new year and pork of some sort. My children do not like that meal, so I don’t do that anymore. Starting the new year off well, get a good devotional and start everyday connecting with your Heavenly Father, like Moments with God for Moms. Celebrate the passing of one year and the welcoming of a new year, make 2019 your best year yet!

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