WT 054: How Do I Manage the Busyness of Spring?

Spring has become the busiest time of year for moms. There's sports teams, end of school year parties and events, graduation and preparing for summer. Most of us moms feel like the spring is even busier than the holidays! That's why today's episode is all about: How Do I Manage the Busyness of Spring?

Question 1: Karen, thank you for this podcast. My question is about keeping a routine when things are busy. We go from a boring, cooped up winter at home to all of a sudden all 3 of my kids are on different sports teams in the spring. How did you put a healthy dinner on the table every night?

Karen's Answer:  Spring is hard! Honestly, my goal was to get a healthy dinner on the table 3-4 times a week. Some weeks were better than others! I would also remind myself, it was just a season. But, try to make it beforehand so you can just pop it in the oven.

When all of mine were in school, Taylor played baseball, Kelsey was usually in a spring play, which were crazy hours and Emily rode horses. Some nights we would eat without one of the children at the table, or I would take subs to the ball field to eat with Taylor. You have to get creative to be sure! Sometimes, I would just give everyone money and tell them to grab it on their own. Try your best! Don’t stress too much, summer is around the corner and you can catch up on all the good summer veggies then!

Question 2:  Our weekends are packed with sports games, graduation parties, etc. Our family runs from one thing to another – how can we get intentional about carving out time just as a family? Or is that just the season of life that we’re in? What are family activities that I can do with my teens?

Karen's Answer: I do think it is a season. But, we can let our schedule rule our world instead of us ruling the calendar. Keep in mind, you don’t have to attend everything! During these crazy years, I tried to have our family vacations be a little more exciting, we went on a few cruises with the whole family, where we ate dinner every night together, did excursions together, etc. Greg was a small group leader for high school for 10+ years and it seemed like we were always going to graduation parties. I got to where I told Greg, just pick 2-3. It’s too many!

Family activities for teens:

  • Riding bikes together at night. We always did this on vacation in Hilton Head.

  • Hike

  • Camp

  • Open the house to their friends for a movie night/dance party

  • Movie night

  • Dinner out at different restaurants.

Question 3: Thanks for the podcast, Karen. How do you deal with the pressures of having to be all things to all people? My kids are crazy busy, my social groups are crazy busy and my husband is crazy busy at work. I know that I’m entitled to ‘me time’ but it’s so hard to put into action. How do I enforce boundaries without feeling like I’m letting someone down?

Karen's Answer: Face the music, you will let someone down, and that is okay. Trust me, they will get over it. We are all busy. You’ve got to decide what is most important in your world and then carve out time for that. Including you!

I had to prioritize what was my non-negotiable, essential and bonus. Greg was always my non-negotiable and the children after him, I was on the essential list and my friends were the bonus category. That was just me though. You have to decide what works for you.

Question 4: Karen, things are busy for me at the house, but things are also really busy for my husband at work. How do I lovingly let him know that I respect how hard he works during the day, but during this season when he gets home I need him to jump in and help with things he usually doesn’t help with: carpool, dinner, chores, etc?

Karen's Answer: I’d just have a heart to heart with him, not a lecture, but go at it, where you are asking him to help you come up with a solution. Sometimes men are more willing to help when it is their idea to help. If that doesn’t work, just tell him what you need and leave it at that. If he doesn’t do it, then try and figure out a solution on your own, carpool with another family, get the children to help with chores, order pizza for dinner, or make your meals on Saturdays. We all want our husbands to help, but sometimes they can’t or just want. We have to figure out then what will work for us, even if they don’t help.

Moms, we know your time is precious. Thank for spending it with us. We hope you feel encouraged, equipped and most importantly—the peace of God. And remember, if you have a question about motherhood I want to hear it, so make sure you leave your questions in the comments below.

Thank you moms, have a great day!