WT 070: How Do I Prepare to Be a New Mom?

We’ve covered all the major stages of life for moms on this podcast, but we’ve never talked about women preparing to be first-time moms. It’s because they don’t have any reason to know about the ministry yet, so we rarely get any questions from them! But because we love first-time moms too and want them to be equipped and encouraged, we’re answering some of the top questions new moms have!

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Question 1: What do I need to put in my hospital bag?

Karen's Answer: 

  • I put pjs, robe, toiletries, thick socks for delivery room, (it’s cold in there)

  • Going home outfit, pack something either maternity or that has elastic, your body will not instantly shrink down.

  • Hospital will give you diapers for the baby, but I took an outfit for the baby to go home in and I took a day gown for the baby to wear while in the hospital.

Try to clear your mind of what you “think” the hospital experience will be like. No two pregnancies are alike, and try to relax. :) I know it’s hard because it’s a little scary, but the nurses are great and they walk you through every step of the way.

Question 2:  Will I really be sleep deprived? How do I manage a new baby with no sleep?

Karen's Answer: You will be sleep deprived, but you will survive. Think about it this way, you are waking up now every two or so hours to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, so when the baby arrives it will be no different.  During the day, sleep when the baby sleeps, don’t try to do too much!

New babies in the house are an adjustment! But, it all works out.  If  your mom or mother in law come to help out, let them.  Try not to get too stressed out.  Enjoy your little one. I know it’s hard with the first one, because it’s all so new. You are going to be a great mom!

Question 3: What if I feel guilty going back to work?

Karen's Answer:  I am not going to lie, going back to work will be hard. The baby is still so little at 6 weeks.  Remind yourself that you have found quality care for your child and he/she is in good hands.  Most of the time the baby is still sleeping a good portion of the time at 6 weeks.

Like anything else, it takes a while to adjust to a new season in life.  Give yourself some time to adjust. Go easy on yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over working.  IF after six months or so and you are still struggling then you may want to look into making an adjustment, either going to part time or picking a job that you can do at home. However, usually you and your child will adjust.

Question 4: How do I get my husband to help more?

Karen's Answer: Communication is the key here! Try to encourage your husband, use phrases like, “It would be so helpful if you would ….” or “Thank you for unloading the dishwasher, that was a big help for me today.” Or “I love it when you change the baby’s diaper or you get up in the middle of the night and bring the baby to me.” Or “I love doing this whole parenting thing as a team, we are both learning as we go, but it’s fun.” Say, those types of positive things and try to steer clear of “never” and “always” statements.  “You never help.” Or “I always do everything”, etc.

Give your husband grace. When he does help, praise him for it. I will say this as well, I have found that most men, are not super great with newborns.  I mean, they love them, but don’t base your opinions just yet. Dads usually do better with a little bit older children.  Greg was always a good dad, but when our children got to the age of interacting with us and gaining a personality, that is when Greg shinned as a dad. Remember, parenting is a marathon, hang in there.

Question 5: How do I know if I’m bonding with my baby? What things can I do to bond with my baby?

Karen's Answer: Just love them and you will naturally bond.  Trust me, it happens. You bond over time.  You bond in the middle of the night, you bond when you are changing their diaper, you bond when you go pick them up from their nap or in the morning. You bond when you give them their bath. Talk to your baby, all the time.  Say, “Good morning! Did you sleep well?” Tell your baby you love them, tell them how good they smell, and how thankful you are for them. Tell them how special they are, even though they are two weeks old. They hear you.  Speak words of life over them. Those are all ways to bond.

You are going to be a great mom!!! The fact that you are listening to a podcast and you haven’t even given birth shows me what a great mom you are! :) Don’t worry, BOAW is here for you, and we aren’t going anywhere! Enjoy the ride!

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