WT 112: Anxiety in Motherhood with Special Guest Dr. Emily Shupert

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This is an episode Karen has been wanting to do for a while - today we're talking with Dr. Emily Shupert of Simplify Life Counseling. Dr. Shupert is a licensed professional counselor in the Atlanta area - she has her Masters of Arts from Dallas Theological Seminary and a PhD in Christian Counseling from International University. In her practice she integrates psychology with theology and in particular loves helping clients work through anxiety and depression.

We are thrilled she could join us today in the Nest and grateful that she will also be with us this year at the Soar conference as a break-out speaker.

Question 1: One of my biggest anxiety causers as a mother is fear: specifically fear of not being able to protect my children. For instance if someone broke on our home and I have three children there is no way I can get to all of them. Things like that. I try not to watch the news, but my news on my phone and Facebook feed often show kidnappings and break ins. The world we live in makes it hard not to have anxiety. I also have anxiety  about sending my kids places or leaving them anywhere so I usually don’t. How can us mothers handle these anxiety causers?


Question 2: After birth I suffered from post-partum anxiety for almost 8 months, left untreated. What would be the number one thing to do to make sure I don't go through that again when I get pregnant with my second?


Question 3: My anxiety isn't presented as worry and fear but more overwhelmed and anger. How do I control that when my biggest trigger is their whining or lack of listening or fighting  (they are 4 and 2.5)? How do I teach my kids that their actions do impact others BUT also that we are each responsible for how we react to things? I know it isn't their fault that I get so overwhelmed, but at the same time their behavior does impact me (and others).


Question 4: I had never experienced panic attacks until I had children. They aren’t always related to my children specifically, they don’t necessarily have anything to do with my kids, but it is one more thing that makes me feel ill-equipped to parent in the moment. Can you talk about when it’s necessary to medicate and how to reconcile that with the idea that we should take all of our anxiety to God and that He will/does take care of us? (1 Peter 5:7) And  how do we deal with people who think that anxiety and depression are a sin because it means you're not trusting God enough?


Question 5: I have struggled with anxiety for years, but it was under control since my early 20s. Having kids has made it rear its ugly head again! I always jump to worst case scenario- fever means they’re terminally ill, running instead of walking on the sidewalk means they’re going to fall down and knock out their teeth and bust their head open, walking to get the mail with me means they’re going to run ahead and a car will swerve and hit them. How do I stop my rabbit trail of anxious thoughts?! I also have anxiety about myself. What would happen if I wasn’t here (no one knows their schedule like I do, or their dr appts)?? I cry at the thought of missing them grow up. Would love books to read, blogs to follow, specific bible verses to repeat, etc to get me through these moments!!!


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