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WT 116: Technology & Your Kids with special guest Tom Shefchunas

Today’s episode is really important moms and because we wanted to get it right, we called in an expert. Today Tom Shefchunas joins us in the Nest to talk about technology and our kids. We were incredibly grateful he could share his expertise with us and we look forward to hearing more from him as a break-out speaker at this year’s Soar conference!

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WT 115: Honoring Dad with special guest Greg Stubbs

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend (hint hint ladies) on Wire Talk today we're answering your questions all about dad! Since we're not dads ourselves, we thought it made sense to bring in a real-life dad to offer up his thoughts, so Greg Stubbs joins Karen and Sunny in the studio today with his thoughts on everything from good Father's Day gifts and traveling for work to how we can communicate effectively with our husbands. Listen in for Greg's wisdom on fatherhood and so much more. If you enjoyed Wire Talk, visit for more encouragement on your journey of motherhood. 

And snag tickets to the upcoming Soar conference at

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WT 112: Anxiety in Motherhood with Special Guest Dr. Emily Shupert

Today we are here with Dr. Emily Shupert of Simplify Life Counseling to talk about anxiety and how it affects us as mothers. Dr. Shupert is a licensed professional counselor in the Atlanta area - in her practice she integrates psychology with theology and in particular loves helping clients work through anxiety and depression. We hope this episode brings you hope and help if anxiety as a mother has been a struggle for you! 

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WT 106: Raising A Child With Special Needs with guest Kimber Burgess

Today we are speaking with Kimber Burgess, a friend of the show and incredible mom who has a child with special needs. We know many of you also have a child with special needs and we hope this conversation encourages you. But even if you don’t personally have a child with special needs, this episode is packed with incredible wisdom for you and ways you can encourage the families of children with special needs in your community.  If a mom of a child with special needs comes to mind, share this episode with her so she can be encouraged today! 

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WT 074: Greg and Karen Stubbs on Parenting, Marriage and Other Lessons From 31 Years Together

We have a special episode of Wire Talk today, Karen’s husband Greg is joining us! Greg and Karen are answering your questions on how they co-parented when they were apart, how they kept their marriage healthy and how they supported each other’s dreams and goals. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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