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WT 125: How Do I Handle My Sweet Little Liar?

Lying is one thing we never teach our kids how to do and yet somehow they figure it out all on their own. On today's episode Karen shares her thoughts on how to discipline when you're not sure which child is lying, what the difference is between tattling and confessing and how to encourage honesty between teenagers.  Like what you heard? Visit for more encouragement in your daily walk of motherhood.

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WT 072: How Can I Get My Teen's Respect?

We love our sweet teens (even in their not-always-so-sweet moments), but it doesn't mean that parenting them isn't tough. They're growing and changing and facing enormous amounts of pressure, and sometimes... the moms are the ones who can feel the wrath of it all. The good news is: every teen goes through this. You'll both make it to the other side of this season.

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